Saturday, December 8, 2012

New Project!

     I just completed a tough final exam and a not-so-tough final project.  The exam was tough because I had to answer reference questions within a short time.  I am not a "grace under pressure" gal.  The school's new requirement that a B- is passing and a C+ is failing might hurt me this semester.  Until now I have been an A student.  

     The final project is a user guide.  Government Sources of Legal Information lists a number of FREE United States federal government  law-related sources.  Most are online, several are for mobile devices, and others are in print.

      Hey, Library Students!  Take the LIS567 Government Information course if you can fit it into your schedule.  Who can use this class?  Archivist, educators, librarians in any public setting, and special collections librarians (music, art, etc).  This class has something for EVERYONE regardless of concentration.

     I have a few more assignments to tackle before I meet with some Nissan mud and trail enthusiasts.  Enjoy your day!