Friday, November 11, 2011

Scotch Tape and a Bow

     Time to wrap up this aspect of my introductory library technology class.

     Well, Folks, this is the end (my friend, yes, I listen to The Doors) of my Learning 2.0 experience for school. After this post I will return to my sporadic posts relating to my child, my vehicles, legal information and legal reference, and library studies.

     The exercises and discoveries experienced in the Learning 2.0 journey exposed one large element of internet tools:  Lack of Privacy.  It was extremely difficult to maintain a level of privacy during this program.  The need for browsing in private or incognito (see your browser tools) was emphasized during my LinkedIn trial. Once this semester is completed I will return to all my accounts with public access and disable them as completely as possible.  From there I will create new, more private accounts with one online citation tool (not Zotero) and one online bookmarking tool.

     I enjoyed reading my classmates' blogs.  I am always surprised that one thing (website, Web 2.0 tool, or video) can produce a wide variety of reactions or assessments.  I frequently state that I am oblivious to the obvious.  My classmates provided a multifaceted learning experience, an experience that cannot be taught by just one instructor.  The interpretations and evaluations by my classmates exposed aspects of the Web 2.0 tools that I would not have noticed on my own.

Good night to you.  I will return with a link or two in the near future.  

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