Saturday, September 26, 2009

Brampton, ON & CNTC People

Clubs are wonderful groups.  Road trips are a great way to connect with club members.  Today I am sitting in the dining room of a fellow Canadian Nissan Truck Club (CNTC) member.  My boy is playing with his trains.  Later we are going to another Xterra owner's home to work on my truck.  The articulating shackles need attention.

This visit is giving me a chance to become familiar with some Canadian legal reference sources.  I am aware of one law library in Toronto, Bora Laskin Law Library (  I need an orientation to the Canadian court system, so I googled "Canadian court system" and was led to the Department of Justice's website.

Canada's Court System ( has an easy to read outline.  The links connect the user to understandable information.  The Provincial/Territorial Superior Courts hear divorce cases and cases involving large dollar amounts.  Additional study of this topic will be completed at a later time.  

Ontario court forms are located at
The Ontario Court of Justice's website is

Now I am going to entertain a kitten and a pre-schooler with a flashlight.  Enjoy your day!

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