Monday, September 28, 2009

Almost Here! (an Xterra post)

I just checked the status of my shipment from Shrockworks.  My rear bumper will be delivered TOMORROW!!!  I am extremely excited about this item.  Besides the obvious reasons (new toy, new mod) this bumper is a good thing for me because I can now look into new wheels and tires.  My bumper, click here, has a place for me to store the spare tire.  The current location is not large enough to store a tire larger than my BFG AT KO's.  My new rubber and steel?  BFG Mud Terrain KM2 (Spring '10 purchase).  I was not able to link directly to the BFG page describing the tires.  See the link below, my tire is one of the featured tires.  The rubber will be mounted on a set of Cragar Soft 8's (view here), just like my current set of AT's.  

Tires and mods.  Yes, I am distracted from my studies.  Yes, I need to get to work on my next research project, though this one is not as intensive as my last paper.  Resources will be harder to find and progress will be posted in this blog.  Until then, I hope you enjoy my current distractions.

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