Monday, September 21, 2009

Trucks, Cars, and Service Appointments

Or, doing homework at the dealership.  

I spent my early morning sitting in the service department's waiting area doing homework for my Introduction to LIS class.  I enjoyed this setting.  Homework, cars, trucks, coffee, and automotive smells.  For me, this is a pleasant and relaxing way to start the day.  

The reading assignment was about the versatility of the MLS degree.  Librarians and Information Professionals possess a basic skill set that is applicable in most every type of business or industry.  This is not new knowledge, but it is something that I had not previously considered.  

I enjoy working in law libraries.  The patrons rarely ask the same questions, the collection is always surprising, and the technololgies are constantly changing.  Every day is a learning experience and I love to learn.  Some days, after my shift at the Reference Desk, I feel incompetent.  Most days, I feel great.  I found that one piece of information that a patron needed.  That one piece of hard to find information.  Those days are great days.

Now back to my Monday morning.  I was sitting in the Toyota shop waiting for some recall work to be completed on my car.  Meanwhile, I was talking to the service manager at the Nissan shop where my Xterra was being cared for by a wonderful crew of service techs.  He told me I was "double-dipping."  Hmmm.

Last week I wrote a paper regarding professional organizations for law librarians.  The focal point of the paper was the American Association of Law Libraries (  Individuals interested in law librarianship should surf this website, read The Association's mission, and skim some of AALL's publications.

Three additional websites that I discussed:
1. Ohio Library Council,  I used this website for my undergrad research project.  They have an instructive marketing tutorial that is applicable to most libraries.
2.  The Librarian at Law,  I found this blog informative and interesting.
3.  Three Geeks and a Law Blog,  I plan to explore this blog's archives in the near future.  I like the different opinions and the way those differences are presented.

Time to revise my paper and finish my readings.  After I read a bedtime story to my boy, of course!

Be well.


  1. What does MLS stand for?
    What is an MLS degree?
    I'm guessing the "L" is either Library or Law.
    And if you drive an "Xterra", why were you at a Toyota dealership???

  2. To clarify:
    MLS is a Master in Library Science degree.
    I work in law libraries, that is why I am interested in legal resources.

    I was at the Toyota shop because they were working on my Corolla. I drive two vehicles.