Monday, October 5, 2009

Bumpers, Friends, and Mondays.

Not only is my new bumper and tire carrier in my possession, it is ON THE TRUCK!!  And this would not have been possible without a fellow Mudnut.  Mr. Dave and I work well together.  The bumper project is the most recent proof of this.  Mr. Dave should be a master bolt extractor by now.

The hardest part of this project was removing the old bumper.  Tough because the stock bolts have seven years of exposure to salt and snow covered by a layer of paint.  I busted one bolt and Dave another.  I had a lot of fun working on my truck.  Time flew as we completed this project.

Installing the Shrock bumper was easy.  My truck looks GREAT!!  Yes, I know, "Where are the pictures, Katie!"  They are coming!  I have limited time available for leisure on-line activities.  I am researching another library issue for another paper.

All that remains for the bumper are a new tire cover for the spare and new bolt plates.  Bumper is not a tow point until I replace those bolt plates.  This is for my own comfort.  OH!  I forgot, I need to replace the bulb for my license plate.  NYS inspection requires one light shining on the license plate.  My bulb burnt out, I hope.  Wiring is beyond me.  Way beyond me.

Today I am at a tire store.  My wheels need to be balanced.  Before the ball joints were replaced I did not drive the truck; therefore, I did not notice the odd vibration right away.  It became more noticeable after Drew and John worked on the articulating shackles.  So I wait.  I avoid homework, blog, and drink my Tims.  I wonder if someone will deliver breakfast to me?  A stud snapped as the tech was tightening them.  I forgot to tell him that this truck gets hand torqued.  Damn.  Now I am here for another hour.  

Dang dang dang.  I really need to work out.  I have a limited time and a ton of "to do's" and now I am going to stress for a minute, sip my coffee, sigh, and think about how lucky I am.  I have a kick-a$$ truck, friends who help me work on my truck, AND a daily driver.

So, I will take care of electronic correspondence, finalize the weekend's travel plans (Ontario, Canada), and read for pleasure while I wait for the stud to be replaced on the front of my truck.  In fact, I am going to have him replace all of the studs.  I have them.  

I may be back today, depends on the sources I find on-line.  Until then, I have one place to recommend for tires in the Western NY/PA area, .

link removed because I am not happy with the service I am receiving at this establishment.

I don't know why people hate Monday's.  Sunday's are the end of the weekend, so they are always hectic, crammed with that-which-needs-to-be-done-before-Monday.  Now, Monday mornings are the best.  Fresh week.  Fresh start.  Nothing irritating has occurred yet.  Whatever was left on the desk Friday evening is not even a memory.  For me, Monday mornings are wonderful.  I enjoy them immensely.  

Enjoy yours.

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