Friday, October 9, 2009

Life's Minor Frustrations

So far this week I have experienced the following:
1.  Tech overtorqued my wheel studs.  He also gouged my new wheels.  Told the manager to figure out the options and call me next week.
2.  Downtown Buffalo windgusts stole one of my Hockey Night in Canada ball caps.  I love these hats!  They fit me perfectly and look good.  Hard to replace.
3.  I am working on another research paper.  The thesis is due on Tuesday.  More on this later.
4.  DH is leaving on the 19th for five weeks of pre-deployment training.  Two weeks after his return he leaves for a 13 day trip to Disney.  No, he won't go anywhere else in Orlando.
5.  DH reports to the Navy on 12/30 to begin final preps for his deployment on January 3, 2010.
6.  Did I mention that I am in grad school and have a few papers due?
7.  I have misplaced a couple important items.  The Cars DVD being the most important thing I have to find.
8.  I have a burnt out license plate light.
9.  My middle brake light is covered by my spare tire.
10.  All the office PC's are so out of date that the Lexis website is surpassing the 'puters capabilities.  Staff and patrons are frustrated.

Later I will present my current idea for a paper.  I need help writing the thesis.

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