Saturday, October 1, 2011

Which Wiki Will You Wiki?

Wiki Wiki Wiki. My son can make a fun song from the word "Wiki."  The current assignment called for the exploration of wikis.  My wiki experience is limited to online classes.  I found wikis to be a useful tool for communicating with my cyber-classmates.  I was a little put-out by participants' ability to edit any entry in the wiki.  No one took advantage of this feature.  Posted rules were followed.

The Learning 2.0 assignment recommended several wikis.  This blog entry nicely summarize the wiki experience and provided several relevant guidelines for maintaining a public wiki.

I attempted access to the AALL wikis, but the work-space was not available.
Most of the wikis I found appeared to be links to other wikis or to useful websites.

What is in a Wiki?  What ever you want to be in a wiki!  That is the beauty of wikis.  While a blog is a soapbox or podium, a wiki is a conference room.

I feel a wiki would be more appropriate than a blog in my library.  It could be used to keep each other appraised of the Helpdesk calls, publisher quirks, and database irregularities that occur frequently within our organization.

Today's Gripe:  Microsoft.  TechSoup for Libraries provides informationto nonprofits and public libraries regarding the receipt of donated technology.  My problem with Microsoft is their restrictions:
"The following types of organizations are ineligible for Microsoft software donations:
    • Governmental organizations or agencies.
    • Educational institutions, including K-12 schools, colleges, universities, and trade schools.
    • Healthcare organizations and networks, including hospitals, specialty networks, ambulatory healthcare services, home healthcare and assisted living healthcare organizations, research organizations, and laboratories. Exceptions: Community health clinics, medical research groups, behavioral healthcare nonprofits, women's health centers, and blood banks are eligible to request Microsoft software donations.
    • Political, labor, and fraternal organizations; commerce and trade associations without charitable aims or activities; sponsorships of events, tables, exhibitions, or performances; fundraising events such as luncheons, dinners, walks, runs, or sports tournaments.
    • Religious organizations not registered as a charity and without a secular community designation that is separate from the church or religious organization. A secular designation is defined as an organization that provides services to people regardless of their religious beliefs and does not propagate a belief in a specific faith. Example: A food bank with nonprofit or charity status that is run by a church but is a separate and unique organization that provides food and meals to anyone who qualifies for services, regardless of religious beliefs. Religious organizations without secular designations can visit Programs for Charitable Organizations for information regarding licensing options; they may be eligible to receive discounted Microsoft software through these programs.
    • Refurbishers that will be installing the donated software on refurbished computers to be distributed or donated to nonprofits or schools. Please visit theRegistered Refurbisher Program.
    • Nonpublic libraries, including private libraries, school libraries, specialty libraries, armed forces libraries, and libraries in government agencies"

If the aforementioned libraries are restricted from participating in Microsoft's portion of the program, what is left?  Court libraries are government agencies.  Most public libraries are part of a government organization.

 know one public library that is not a part of the Erie County system.  Erie County closed the West Falls branch several years ago.  It is still open, but I could not find a website (does a classmate need a project?).  Maybe the West Falls library will qualify for donated software from Microsoft.

The incredible skies I have viewed that past few days bring us to today's links:
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration ( provides in-depth weather information.  Weather alerts, oceans, satellites, and climates are just a few topics available for exploration.
The National Weather Service ( is a part of NOAA.
The New York State Thruway Authority ( provides up-to-the-minute traffic status for the Interstate highways in New York State.  Web cameras are strategically placed so that travelers can check road conditions before departing from warm safe environments.  This is important in Western and Central New York during the upcoming months.

Happy Trails!

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