Sunday, September 25, 2011

What Does Insurance Cover?

     The current Web2.0 learning activities requires the addition of a library related video to my blog.  I don't want people to forget about the devastation experienced by schools and libraries during recent hurricanes.
      The quest for flood-related library videos was interesting.  The majority of search results were library collections of videos.  You Tube was easier to search than the web (using Google).
     The Pittson Library in Lazurne County, Pennsylvania, is just one of many flood-damaged libraries.    

     A flood-related library video I found on You Tube
(click on library name to view): Louisville Library
     The Library of Congress has several videos available regarding disaster preparedness and recovery.  The videos demonstrate how to clean audio and visual media after a flood.

      Recent weather related catastrophes have created many questions for this clerical library worker.  Several libraries in Northeast communities suffered extensive damage to or total loss of their collections.
     I work in a state agency that is housed in a county building.  Which party is responsible for the insurance policies? 
1. Does the current insurance policy cover the contents of a building as a result of flooding?  (It is available according to
2. Is the landlord or tenant responsible for purchasing the insurance policy?  
3. How does a government agency learn about any policies held by its organization or landlord?

More questions than answers today.

The Sunday links (no, not football related!) are:
Library of Congress ( = every web search reveals another aspect of LOC's diverse collection of information.  I am always surprised by what is contained in the Nation's unofficial national library.
American Library Association disaster response bibliography.
The Buffalo Sabres ( = I know, not legal and not library.  Oh well, HOCKEY SEASON IS ALMOST HERE!!!  Can you smell the ice?'
-and for my friends in Ontario-
The Toronto Maple Leafs (  
Let the season begin!  Go Sabres!

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