Wednesday, March 3, 2010

2010 Dodge Dakota Pick-up

My Xterra is in the shop, a result of last Thursday's snow and ice.  Meanwhile, I am driving a Dakota truck.  Love the pick-up, hate the driver's compartment/space.  The side of the center consol blocks the gas pedal, the shifter blocks the stereo controls, and (for a truck costing $30K this is not good) there are NO stereo controls on the steering wheel! 

It drives and handles like a car.  The ride is smooth.  I love the lack of blind spots.  By the time I return it to Enterprise (who put the NY Registration sticker in the line of sight) I will be used to the longer-than-my-X wheelbase. 

This has created two questions for me.  1.  Will I consider trading the Corolla for a pick-up (YES!), and 2.  Will I buy a Dakota (NO!  Too uncomfortable for me to drive). 

I will look at Frontiers, Tacomas, and any other small truck with a full size back seat.

You may be wondering why it has taken me so long to create a post.  Several reasons:
1.  DH was deployed in early January.
2.  My son is my focus.
3.  Two recalled vehicles ='s a few trips to the dealership.
4.  One lifted Xterra = many trips to the shop, Advance Auto, Thruway Spring
5.  Icy road and a small collision (no injuries, Xterra was parked) = more trips to auto shops.
6.  Everytime I open the laptop my son wants to go to PBS Kids and play.
7.  Took my boy on our first Mother-son road trip.
           We drove to South Carolina during all the storms on the East Coast.  I managed to avoid the actual storms.  State of Maryland, PLEASE contact the cities of Buffalo, Rochester, and Syracuse to learn about snow removal during and after the storm!  Unannounced lane closings in a 70mph zone are DANGEROUS!  Virgina, you did a good job on the I95.  Thank you!

Time to start my work day.  I am at the reference desk this morning.

Today's websites are for the military families and families where a member is absent for any reason.

PBS Kids ( is a wonderful resource.  Kids can make stories and e-mail them to an absent family member.  There are several parent resources, too.  Sesame Street has videos about deployment that are meant to be viewed by children and parents.

Military One Source ( is for military personnel and their loved ones.  This is not limited to spouse and children.  Parents of deployed individuals, friends, etc., should surf this website.  It covers everything from TAXES & scholarships for spouses to the adjustments after deployment.

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