Monday, September 5, 2011

The Power To Read

One of the reasons I am studying to become a librarian is because I believe in the power of reading. For two years my son dressed as Super Why for Halloween.  Super Why is Wyatt's alter-ego.  Super Why and his friends areSuper Readers.  They can found on PBS Kids
DSC02411 by MiniXterra
DSC02411, a photo by MiniXterra on Flickr.

The second Web 2.0 assignment called for the posting of library related pictures to students' blogs.  I could not think of anything that was more closely related to libraries than reading.  Reading is needed to access information in most print and electronic formats.  Usage of Web 2.0 tools may be cumbersome if a person cannot read.  

One scary thing I learned today involves location.  Flickr has an option for users to place a photo on a map.  I am thankful I do not use a camera phone.  If so, would Flickr automatically place the photos on the map according to their embedded geotags?  

Today's links are about literacy with just a touch of law. 
PBS Parents, Super Why parent and teachers website:
PBS Parents, Between the Lion parent and teachers website: 
-One award-winning literacy volunteer that I spoke with recently stated that she regularly assigns this program to her adult reading students

Volunteer Opportunities:
Literacy Volunteers of Buffalo and Erie County: 
Lawyers for Learning, Monroe County Bar Association:


  1. Hi classmate, I see you've been at this blogging for a little while. I love the look and layout. Thank you for the links. Especially to In Between the Lions ( I used to watch that one with my kids) and the link for literacy volunteers.