Monday, September 19, 2011

Podcast Anyone?

Today's assignment requires the addition of a podcast to a blog entry.  I am happy that I am not required to record my voice for this project.  Some days my voice sounds like a ten year-old boy and others it sounds like a sixty year-old smoker.  

I found a series of author interviews on the National Public Radio (npr) website.  The podcast/audio file that I chose to include in today's post is an author interview from the npr website (  Christine Sismondo, the author of America Walks into a Bar, discusses the importance of colonial taverns during the Revolution.  If the enclosure link does not work you can access the interview at   Sismondo also discusses other aspects of American history that were influenced by bars.  The article, American History, Seen Through a Shot Glass, can be viewed by clicking here.

Some of the npr audio files are lengthy, surpassing 15 minutes.  

I can see how bars and taverns are an important part of our past.  My grandfather owned a bar in the Buffalo region.  Family events were celebrated in Johnnie's Old Timer.  In Buffalo, families gather in bars after funerals, before weddings, or during baby showers (come on, folks, you know you have all sat at a bar and watched the Bills or Sabres while your partner was in the next room watching a mother-to-be rip open boxes of baby gear).  This is a topic I would love to explore this topic in depth: the connection between taverns and history, local or national.  I would like to know how Canada's history compares with the States and Western New York.

Today's link for the legal-minded reader:
The highest court in New York, The New York State Court of Appeals ( website includes decisions and oral argument webcasts.  Available archived webcasts include past oral arguments and lectures.

And for the non-laywer:
The New York State Department of Corrections ( provides in-depth agency-related coverage on its website.  Information is provided regarding inmates, facilities, visitors, and victims. 

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