Sunday, September 4, 2011

Kindergarten & Graduate School

I feel as though April 2010 was one or two lifetimes ago.  My husband's deployment overseas ended (Covert Operation), Pre-K and Kindergarten have passed, and I survived workplace layoffs.  I continue to be an Xterra-driving graduate school student who has neglected her truck the last year or so.  The Xterra needs mud and I need an off road adventure.

This semester I am taking the Introduction to Information Technology class.  It is my fourth library and information studies course.  This is my third school year working on the Masters in Library Sciences degree.  I may be sidetracked from the legal reference websites by Web 2.0 discoveries.  I will do my best to combine the two for your future use.

Current lifelong learning events outside of school include soccer, hockey, and Xterra body work. This summer I coached soccer, purchased hockey equipment for the first time, and discovered the need to learn about repairing rust damage on a vehicle.  Coaching was more fun than anticipated.  I learned not to take the competition aspect as seriously as the fun aspect of the game.  I managed to outfit my beginner hockey player for less than $200.  I learned that garage sales are a great source of used equipment.  Sellers were willing to share information with this ignorant hockey mom.  The Xterra has a rust spot that requires work before salt season (winter).  I also need to learn how to re-affix the ceiling cloth to the interior roof of the truck.
There is homework that needs completion.
One quick resource for you before I leave:
New York Online Virtual Electronic Library
All you need is a library card or NYS driver license/non-driver ID number to access a wealth of resources including magazines, reference materials, newspapers, and maps.  Surf this site before you need it for a report or paper.  I have been accessing the provided databases for my schoolwork for nearly five years.  I doubt you will be disappointed.

Learning never ends!
Enjoy the Labor Day holiday!

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