Friday, September 16, 2011

A Call for Aid!

This is a test of Blogger's photo-editing feature.  I was easily able to resize this photo in Blogger.  Please note that I remembered Super Why's cape.  Superheroes (except Spider Man) need a cape!
I have to figure out how to change the alignment of the photo without loosing the links in the caption.  Ideas, anyone?  Today's shout-out for volunteers is book related.  This is an event that is close to my heart.  My son and I make the annual trek to Henrietta, New York, for the Rochester Children's Book Festival (  In the past this event was the focus of a minivacation involving a hotel stay (must have a swimming pool and free breakfast!) and other local sites.  The Festival needs volunteers.  Just click on the Volunteer link at the top of the page if you are able to help out.
DSC02416 by MiniXterra
DSC02416, a photo by MiniXterra on Flickr.
For those of you unable to get a sitter (like me) I highly recommend attending this event.  It is all about books and children.  Meet the authors, get autographs, participate in workshops, or attend a reading.  Last year I realized too late that Yolen and Teague were autographing Spanish editions of their books as well as English editions.  This year I hope to find several titles in Spanish for donation to the local Outreach Committee.

Other folks in need include the public libraries in Schoharie County, NY.  Links and more information to follow.  I need to learn more before I can share with you.  Anyone with information for their County library and Court library please feel free to post it here!

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